About Shashin and our concept


Shashin's objective (Shashin means photography in Japanese) is to promote the work of emerging talents or already established photographers, by offering limited edition prints at affordable prices ready to be hung on the wall.


We are open-minded and curious, we aim to show all contemporary photography styles and approaches, from the very aesthetic to more thought provoking works, likely to seduce and attract the enthusiast and anyone looking for a striking photograph, as well as yet to be collectors.


As art and especially photography lovers, we want to facilitate the visibility of these photographers and their exchanges with the public, through our web gallery and our temporary exhibitions.


With the agreement of the photographers, each photograph is available in several formats and each format has its own number of prints (50, 75 or 150 copies). Gelatin silver prints are made by a professional laboratory on Kodak photographic paper. All presented works are exclusive to Shashin. They are numbered and sold with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.