Framing options


The framing options are chosen both by the artist and by Shashin depending on the photograph. For those who require more specific frames (size, color, material), simply fill in the contact form and we will send you a personalized quote.

The frame

Shashin offers for all formats up to and including 50 x 70 cm, a classic and always elegant black aluminum frame. For certain photographs, we can however offer a oak frame.


The photograph is placed in a black aluminum frame protected by Plexiglas which is not only less likely to break than glass but it is also lighter.


A white "passe-partout", with no use of acid so as to conserve the photograph as best as possible.


The white "passe-partout" which is PH neutral, makes sure the photograph does not come in contact with the glass and consequently avoids any risk of condensation.



Dibond framed

The photograph is fixed to a 2 or 3 mm thick composite aluminum sheet of Dibond which is stronger than aluminum without any overlap.


 A special glue is applied and the photograph is put under a press to insure a long lasting perfect finish.


A 2cm thick frame, indented 7 cm from the edge of the photo is stuck on the back . This extra rigidity makes it stronger and easier to hang and gives a very contemporary look. 



American box

The photograph is first stuck on a sheet of aluminum without any overlap and then placed inside a 3.5cm thick black wooden frame without Plexiglas or "passe-partout".



The space between the edge of the frame and the photograph, about 7mm, gives the print volume and adds a modern effect.

Caisse américaine

Plexi framed

The photograph is stuck on a 2mm thick aluminum sheet or on a 2 or 3mm thick composite aluminum sheet of Dibond.


A 3mm thick transparent acrylic Perspex sheet is stuck on top of the photo. This is achieved without use of glue thanks to the natural adhesion caused by the contact of two liquid components.


This not only protects perfectly but also gives it extra depth.





Les options d’encadrements sont choisies par l’artiste et Shashin en fonction de l’œuvre. Nous pouvons vous proposer des devis pour répondre à vos demandes plus spécifiques. Veuillez alors nous contacter à